Renovaid (Channel 5)

By admin | Published : March 19th, 2012

RenovAID is a ‘reality-community’ series helmed by Michelle Chia,
which takes a complete twist from the all too familiar renovation-related TV programs.

Envisioned as a regular community project, this series aims to help the “Left Behind Class” or simply, help-deserving HDB dwellers who stay in 1, 2 or 3 room flats.

In episode 2 of the debut series of RenovAID, Mr Derrick Lim and Mr Syed Agil of Substance Living were invited to reinvent a home through a complete makeover of the living space.

This isn’t simply another renovation make-over, this is one big revamp that aims to transform individuals, heal families and attempt to create a fresh new start to the owner lives.

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