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Living Entertainment

The fun loving lifestyle of our client gave us an inspiration to breathe new life into this 5 Room apartment. Our space planning revolved around how to make the space unique by creating interesting spaces where the family could come together and enjoy each other’s company. Each room and space has its own unique identity and customized design to suit the requirement of the client.

The living room, dining room and even the play room have been designed in a way where one space flowed easily into another, without interrupting each room’s function and use.

The living room is a spacious area where the room was extended out to the balcony, draping the window with rich luxurious curtains, and acts like a back drop for the family’s art piece carefully placed upon the pedestal. The swivel television that acts like a divider between the living and the corridor helps connect the living room to the dining area where the family can chose where to sit and watch TV.

Dining Kitchen

The uniquely customized dining table is a sleek modern table to accommodate the family and their friends over for meals. The bench not only has one purpose to sit on, but it is also doubles up as a shoe cabinet. The dining table flows swiftly into the kitchen dividing it with only by a glass. Where the one has a full view of what is cooking up in the clean compact kitchen.
The dining area faces the family room, which is raised up in a podium and self contained within clear glass. This cozy room is equipped with its own entertainment system and a cozy corner where one can cuddle up with a good book.


The corridor of the house is kept simple and clean, almost like a gallery feel so the art work which carefully adorns the corridor is the main focal point. Even the original door to the master bedroom is replaced by a concealed door, in order not to break the flow of the white walls.

Son’s Bedrooms

The son’s room was toned down to a basic white, with highlights of hip grey and white grain as the laminate. This exudes a boyish room, with no frills and excess of colors.

Master Bedroom Walk-in Wardrobe

The master bedroom is cozy room hidden behind the concealed door. When one enters, they would be greeted by sleek full height white closet that towered in the room. Having full height mirror placed in front of the wardrobe, not only visually made the space bigger but brightened up the little walk in closet space. The overall outlook of the master bedroom is kept very clean, minimal and white. To give a contrast to the room, the bed head is wrapped in rich luxurious leather, flowing into the side table which has a darker contrast of dark brown which also mimic the texture of leather.
This humble eclectic mix of fun style is a home to a close knit family. It’s a home designed to bring the family members together, even if doing their own individual task, the space does not act as a barrier.

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