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Foyer amp; Living

For the foyer, we designed a feature in the form of a big frame like the frame of a painting; to frame up a piece of sculpture that is meant to be displayed in the middle. The feature cabinet also caters for shoe storage, settee and soft lighting for the entrance area.

Being music connoisseurs, our clients placed a lot of importance on investing into a good sound system and acoustic paneling in order to enjoy good quality of music in their home. Therefore, our design had to integrate with an acoustic paneling system that can work well and compliments our design concept and ideas.

We designed the living room based on the interlacing of ribbons forming diagonal weave patterns. This is being applied onto the TV feature panel that continues up to the ceiling. The material that we use here are walnut veneer, decorative acrylic panel and acoustic fabric paneling. This acoustic paneling is covered in our selected fabric finishing and neutral colour scheme. The acoustic paneling also employs the criss-cross weave patterns concept that runs throughout the living room. The design is a piece of sculptural statement. It integrates with the art works and paintings that our client brings into their home.

Master Bedroom

For the master bedroom, we imagined how the ribbons will be rolled out in a straight line, and then cut in various lengths. Thereby you can see that the feature wall is just like a long piece of ribbon being cut in random lengths. We created a divider at the entrance of the master bedroom to give a sense of privacy and at the same time, act as a display panel for artifacts and books.
We designed a dresser table that looks like it is an extension of the wardrobe, by doing white glass finish. At the same time, we concealed the toilet by creating a concealed door panel also done in white glass. For the finishing look, we applied volakas marble on the concrete ledge and dresser table top.

Son’s amp; Daughter’s Bedroom

Our client’s son is a journalist by profession. We designed something more dramatic for him that reflects his dynamic personality and makes a statement. Here, the ribbon concept takes form in more angular lines. We designed the bookshelf like a sculptural element that folds up to the ceiling. The main colour scheme is black and white, to give a masculine feel. We also applied a touch of lime green to the edges of the bookshelf to match with the Herman Miler study chair that the client selected.

Our client’s daughter is a dancer. We designed the room to reflect her free spirit and vivacity. We also use her favourite colour, blue as the main element in the design. Here, we tried to soften the edges by using curved elements while still maintaining the ribbon concept. For the feature wall, we proposed an imported wallpaper finish with integrated abstract artwork. We also designed the storage cabinet in the form of curved ribbons with some openings to display her favourite bags.

Study Room

The study room is designed to be a flexible space that can be converted into a guest room when necessary. Due to the small space, we proposed space-saving elements such as integrating a flip down bed and having a sliding table that can be kept to one side when not in use. We also integrated a wardrobe hanging space into the narrow storage cabinet.
The colour scheme for this area is more masculine and bold. We used black and white laminate combined with walnut veneer and a touch of red. For the TV feature wall, we applied the criss-cross element in the form of groove lines. We also applied veneer finished wallpaper on the ceiling to complete the look of this study room.

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