About Us

White Corporate is an award-winning interior design company established in Singapore since 2001. The firm has three affiliated companies, White Space Living, Subtance Living and white2 Partnership, providing design consultation and project management services for residential and commercial projects. As a forward thinking establishment, White Corporate challenges the boundaries of design, conceptualize to provide a new dimension in interior space. white Corporate prides ourselves in creating effective design solutions for clients and encourages a focused, positive approach that thoroughly examines client’s needs. White Corporate always look at creative ways to maximize the potential of space to improve verbal and visual contacts, while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing design. Our works have often been featured in local and overseas leading newspapers, magazine and TV media.

Our Team

Thomas Tham

Mr. Thomas Tham is a graduate of Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in Interior Design. With more than 20 years of working experience in the interior design trade, he heads and oversees the Company’s performance as a business enterprise, focusing on the strategic and policy issues. He also oversees the Company’s professional development, focusing on training, and management development to ensure that the team will always have the expertise and talent to serve clients effectively across the markets. His foresight is valuable and gaining respect from the team.

Derrick Lim

Mr. Derrick Lim is a graduate of Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in Interior Design. He has more than 20 years of working experience in interior design consultation. He is well exposed in exhibition, residential and commercial projects. Being a highly motivated person, he is equipped with strong design concept and is very good problem solver in construction details. He is also a mentor to the design leadership of our team of designers.

Eddie Lee
Project Manager

Eddie Lee, with his more than 10 years of project management skills, is always very well equipped with extensive on-site technical knowledge. He leads a responsible team of project executives to ensure the overall delivery of numerous projects on schedule and always maintain a cohesive working relationship with clients and contractors. He offers practical and technical solutions and provides excellent customer service to the clients. He acts a senior advisory role to the team and provides training on the safety and technical aspects.

Syed Agil

Design Manager

Syed Agil is a graduate of Interior and Architectural in Temasek Polytechnic. He joined White Corporate in 2005 and started his journey in interior design. He is a creative talent with over 7 years of experience across a wide spectrum of residential projects. Besides his creative talent, he is a very good problem solver in M&E and construction detailing. He manages the design team to ensure a smooth design work flow. He believes that creating effective design solutions for client requires a strong synergy and effective communication between the client and designer.

Ummi Nadhirah Harun
Design Manager

Ummi Nadhirah Harun graduated from Temasek Polytechnic and has more than 10 years of working experience. She is highly talented and loves working on vastly diverse projects. Her design flair has been further explored since she joined White Corporate in 2002. Her strong design conceptualisation is always inspiring the design team. She also brings extensive product knowledge and provides clients with cost effective, innovative design solutions. She is currently heading the commercial team of designers.

Elden Lim
Senior Consultant

Elden Lim is one of our leading young and dynamic designers. He has been with White Corporate for 5 years and is a graduate of Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. He is well versed in his detailing and construction drawing using various computer aided softwares. He prides himself on working closely with his clients to achieve exquisite and exclusive haven. He has a vast portfolio and working experience on various scale of residential project for our local and overseas client. One of his key attributes is his ability to establish good design and value-adding relationships with clients. His foremost interior design concept is to create practicality and functionality element to serve the owners’ needs.

Pinky D Kywe

Pinky D Kywe graduated with a BA in Interior Design from Raffles Design Institute. With more than 3 years of working experience, she is a talented designer with a professional focus on concept design and design development. She has experience working to tight deadlines with complex client engagement and communication structures. Her excellent communication skills ensure that her clients are informed throughout the duration of a project and that all design coordination issues are addressed.

Cindy Peck
Administration & Finance Manager

Ms. Cindy Peck is a qualified accountant graduated from Association of Chartered Certified Accountant. She has more than 20 years of working experience in handling all administrative and finance matters. Her team and she support the managers and designers to ensure proper paperwork for all projects and takes charge of correspondence with clients and business associates.