RI Stationers



The concept of the store is inspired from origami and its intricate paper folds
which the owner got some advises from Ted Givens, AIA.
This reflects the basic product of the store which is paper.
An oversized glass sliding door with a wood handle
slides to one side when the store is open.

We designed two signages strategically located to be
visible to passer by from outside the store, another signage.
The main one is placed on the origami feature wall using acrylic
lighted from the sides and the other one is located on the
store room door next to the cashier counter.


The store itself is a neutral palette.
It acts as a backdrop which highlights the colourful products featured within.
It combines raw finishes like cement screed with
a more refined finish like walnut wood and glossy white laminate.

We also put in extra attention to the carpentry detailing to suit the client’s needs.
We customized the display counter to include pigeon holes for their pens and pencils.

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