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Living, Dining amp; Kitchen

Suspended TV feature wall panel flow well with the main display niches to staircase feature wall.
It has one continuously flow.

Line and grid effect was blend in to the display showcase and conceal store room door
with tinted mirror top amp; bottom giving the dining hall an infinity look.
The Dining display has a grid design using conceals and open niches to store displays.
This display cabinet also flows into a concealed door which hides the actual store room.
Using tip on system, all cabinets has a flawless continuously look.

Different sizes of display niches allow the family to showcase their favorite display pieces
at the same rectangle enclose storage providing functional aspect.
Wrapping opposite wall in storage display and tactfully planning the open niches
not only balances out the look without it being too heavy but creates fun sizes
to display the family’s collection.

The dry kitchen serve as an interaction corner, family members can have
a chit-chat session during tea time or while preparing meals.

Study, Master Bedroom amp; Roof Terrace

The son’s study corner is tuck away in a cozy manner with a bay window
to sit on and accommodate storage for his books.
The cantilever work desk connected with the interesting room divider
gives this work desk a frivolous light weight feels.

Master bedroom overall has achieve a very relaxed earth tone.
Using simple linear lines emphasizes the style, along with the straight cove light
at the ceiling for general lighting ambience.

TV feature wall designed with multi-purpose function.
It works as a standing dresser and doubles up as a display showcase for the owner’s handbags display.

Roof terrace converted into a cosy corner breathing space for the family, best place to enjoy the sun rise, sun set with the breeze and beautiful scenery.